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  • November 16:
    Fire Victims Healing Concert 
    Petaluma Center for the Arts, Petaluma, CA 

    more details TBA

Pictures from our July 26 Performance & CD Release!



Earth Rights - Shamanic Tribal Grooves, Earth-Inspired Bilingual Poetry and Ancient Instruments reconnecting us with our Origins. 


All songs inspired by Ancestors, Master plants, and our Love of the Earth.

Watch our Video Collage of "Earth Rights" from our CD Release

July 26th, Petaluma, CA

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PanGaia speaks for the Earth as a conscious, living organism, offering spiritual medicine to communities and natural environments for restoration and balance through many artistic disciplines: bilingual poetry, ancestral wisdom, multi-genre music with ancient indigenous instruments, sound healing and storytelling.

PanGaia's live performances blend ceremony and these artistic elements to raise consciousness around global issues and themes and includes ritual theater, dance, poetry, music and audience participation.

 "Earth Rights is a prayer emergent from the forest deeps where the creatures and plant beings speak the loudest. Translated through tendrils of luscious vocal layering, powerful poetry and a tapestry of unique instrumentation."
~ Sarah Nutting, MaMuse

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