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"Earth Rights" (Derechos de la Tierra) is an album meant to be an antidote to climate change.

This new CD was inspired by Evo Morales, first president of Bolivia, who wanted to re-claim the Rights of Pachamama.

Primal, multilingual music reconnecting us with our origins, inspired by our Ancestors and our love of the Earth. This project resembles the Native American medicine wheel and all nature seasons. There are 12 songs... three for each quarter of the year with their unique moods and energies.

I heard clearly the call to "give Earth a voice" and to bring forward a new sound to reconnect us to our "Earth skin".

--Joaquin Lopez de San Roman

earth veins

"Earth Veins" presents a multi-sensory, multi-lingual blend of original poetry accompanied by ancient instruments and other instrumental guests. The content draws upon psychological, shamanic, and socio-political perspectives that are translated into performance through Joaquin’s embodied words.

PanGaia creations come out of the necessity and urgency for the protection of the Earth. “We share out of a fierce need, and out of an ‘inner call’ to give voice to what the earth would say if it could speak in human language...what is already embedded all along the mountains, the rivers, our gardens, and in our blood.”

--Joaquin Lopez de San Roman

Earth Veins is a culmination of Earth prayer-invocations drawing upon personal Shamanic experiences that have inspired four years of ritual-performance. PanGaia's unique expression of spoken word and ancestral sound reflect the inherent love and reverence we have for the Earth and all her inhabitants.

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